Thursday, August 20, 2009


Review by Tony

Finally out on DVD is the 1990 cult classic Scarlet Fry’s Horrorama which is now available in its original uncut uncensored format. This film is hosted by the sickeningly decaying Scarlet Fry who presents six different gory tales of horrific mishap. The overall tone is over the top gore and camp. Very low fi but a hell of a lot of fun. Directed and written by Walter Ruether who also plays a couple of parts in the film.
There are six short stories presented here, while some are better then others all are enjoyable enough to sit through. My favorite is “R.I.P” which is about an extremely jealous 80’s goth bitch who thinks her whiny lisping husband is cheating on her and decides she needs to teach him a lesson. “In the Sack” looks like a bad 70’s porn and I mean that in the best way. Cool campy vibe about a blind date rape where the traditional roles get turned upside down. The woman in this film, Rebecca (Llana Lloyd) looks great and is an effective 80’s parody while the guy Josh (Walter Ruether) is pretty hilarious in his punk clothes and straightforward, over-the-top attitude. “Manwich” is about a good-old-boy lumberjack who just can’t get enough to eat on the job so decides to eat a co-worker. Really amusing take on that old commercial about how “there is no sandwich like Manwich.” The rest of the films here are pretty much in the same vein and are equally quick and to the point when it comes to the violence and gore.
If you are a serious horror fan who expects a lot out of a movie then avoid this. However, if you love campy B-style horror and gore full of lewd and crude quotable quotes that you can yell out at your friends to make them burst out laughing give this a shot. Short enough that you won’t get bored and campy enough that you can yours friends can have a good time watching this at your horror B-movie gatherings.

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